For those people who travel a lot, here are some Tips in using your mobile phone outside your country.

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These days, do you consider using a retro phone? if your rich boy and elegant looking why 
bother to use a retro phone. There are many innovative smartphones right? But did you know that drug dealers are don’t want to used latest smartphones? 

According to Vice reports, drug dealer in UK are storing a retro phone specifically Nokia 8210 cell phones simple because this phone is less easy to track.  Also added that every source they talk have vintage phone Nokia.

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Vice chatted to a drug dealer known as K2 regarding the phone he uses. "I've got three Nokia 8210 phones and have been told they can be trusted, unlike these iPhones and new phones, which the police can easily [use to] find out where you've been."

The K2 explained to Vice that drug dealers use a Nokia cell phones because of long battery life and worries about police monitoring, At least I can trust an old Nokia," he mentioned.

Also vice talked to a addict who remembered getting offered money for his old Nokia 8210 cell phone. he gradually swapped it for some cocaine worth 50USD.  
According to the drug dealer its not just the battery life of the Nokia 8210 also its infrared port which they can send contacts between cell phones without swapping the SIM cards.

Source:  Business Insider
Here I am again telling some smartphone problems that complaints a year ago, maybe big companies already fix this. However, it’s better to have simple information’s about these huge handsets names with usual problems encountered.

The most common smartphone problem including the iPhone 5s is the battery, a smartphone that have a powerful processor make battery quick drain. Also the Fingerprint password is a one of the major deal here. Maybe today, Apple already fixed it.

Being famous for its gorgeous and unique design, HTC One has dropped when it comes to the camera quality. And as mention above, battery is also a main problem in the HTC one.

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This complaint is actually more than a year ago; I just want to share what are the typical issues of our gadgets specially Samsung Galaxy S4 and Motorola Moto X.

This Samsung Galaxy S4 has developed into extremely favorite by many smartphone users since the launch in 2010. Reaching a over a 40 million revenue in  2013, however with many smartphone users encountering overheating as well as battery issues, the typical issue in handset with these strong processing power.

Together with the display quality dropping short of the new smartphone, the major complaint of the Moto X is a deficiency of storage space for this device. Having the low storage space, and no memory card that one of the important features to upgrade, the only way you can upgrade is via cloud services.

Check image below for the issues of this smartphone big names, as well as the percentage of requests that fall into every each issue.

From the famous quote “Nobody is perfect” never thought that it can also apply to some gadgets. Yes some gadgets had issues not perfect at all. And from the famous Apple Company and their smartphone that release a year ago the iPhone 4S here is the image that problem came out. Also check cellularcountry complaints why and what happen. 

I will father more smartphone issues and share it to you, for now iPhone 4S got some huge battery issue.

Many complaints have been received since affordable tablet release these past holiday
season, with as low as 39USD who will not going to grab it, It’s a tablet! But, many people disappointed by fail and blown up tablets.

Below are some disappointed buyers that will never purchase again a low price tablets.

A week ago Kimberly show the inflating battery that ruined her cheap RCA tablet

Kimberly Bryant: "The battery started inflating and the casing started to come apart on the tablet"

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Stephanie Pence also complained about a 75USD tablet that didn’t work since the day one,

"We noticed the speaker was busted on this, it made a crackling noise."

Pamela Givens, also purchase an 80USD Coby tablet. And by the time she going to return in, Coby had gone out for business.

"I had it for 2 or 3 weeks, and it wouldn't hold a charge"

Many complaint websites filled with a lot of complaints about the RCA 7inch tablet, and most of them saying that the battery exploded like an airbag

However, there is good news after the bad happening, today, RCA has now arranged to replace some puffed devices free of charge.  Other complainants warn us to beware to affordable tablets.

Getting a cheap tablets is not bad, the bad things is a too cheap tablet will definitely disappoint you.  

Until now you might be wondering what exact is the Android 5.0 Lollipop or commonly
known as the Android Lollipop, it is the latest operating system by Google and fallen from the latest devices like Nexus 6, Nexus 9 as well as the Nexus Player, for other list of devices supported by Android Lollipop you may check here. Also producer released the Nexus 4 and 5.
Sunday Pichai Chief of Android stated that the biggest and most dedicated launch on Android to date.

Here are the ten best features of Android 5.0 Lollipop

  1. MULTIPLE DEVICE COMPATIBILITY – these Operating system can support various sizes of screen including smart watches, cars and TV. Base on Google they design it to be flexible, hence that the idea can work on many devices and personalized for your desires.
  2. PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF – many of us some time we left our phone off well in Android Lollipop similar in iOS 8, these OS allows you to pick up where you left off, therefore the music, photos, applications and also latest queries from one of our Android device can be instantly accessed throughout devices.
  3. MATERIAL DESIGN – for the reliable design experience across Android devices, Android Lollipop use the same material and style interface around the device in works in. By using the material design, components can dynamically reduce and grow, there’s much more white space among elements, and provides a 3D look over all.
  4. BATTERY SETTINGS – Goodbye to the quick drain of battery because Android Lolllipop have there new battery saver features that extends the life of your unit by up to 90 minutes, this is helpful especially when you travel a lot. Its also easy to manage your power usage. The operating system features which provide the estimate time left before you requires charging your device. And when charging, it will inform you the approximate time you need to charge the device.
  5. IMPROVE SECURITY – you can share your device securely by guest user mode, you can create multiple accounts to enable friends to log in to your device. There also Smart Lock to secure your unit by pairing it with trusted device like your smart watch or even your car. Google has enforced to SELinux security module for all applications to give superior security against malwares.
  6. CAMERA UPDATE – Android lollipop creates it simpler to support features such as curst mode and fine configurations tuning, you will be able to capture a full resolution frames around 30fps, and take a shoot in raw formats. Furthermore, it supports UHD 4K video playback, tunneled videofor the high quality video playback on Android TV and enhanced streaming, Android lollipop adds professional features to mange settings for the sensor, lens and flash per specific frames.
  7. INNOVATIVE QUICK SETTINGS – Update quick settings on the alert screen has fresh useful controls such as flashlight, screen rotations, hotspots for Wi-Fi and cast screen settings. Although these configurations were not on previous android devices, they might already be provide on other Android devices.
  8. SMOOTHER EXPERIENCE – in this update Google uses new runtime on Android the ART, which says to boost app functionality, battery life and responsiveness. Google promises that the new operating system enhances Android performance by four times. There also the assistance for 64 bit chips now.
  9. UPDATE THE NOTIFICATION SCREENS – now you can look and interact to messages straight from your lock screen, or even hide notifications for sensitive topics.
  10. TAP AND GO – for NFC devices, this will let you set up your new Android phone instantly by just tapping it to your old device. Anytime you will have a new Android phone you can synch your applications from Google Play instantly from any of your old device. Just quick as tap.
Along with all operating system updates, there are minimal changes on the camera, audio and video, with better multitasking jobs and battery life, Generally, Android Lollipop will certainly provide a softer user knowledge, more workable applications and services and enable you to manage bloat ware.